The name Stille(y) appears to be German in origin. Stille in German means "silent or quiet", hence, Stille Nacht, "Silent Night".

Mr. Carl-Erik Johansson, a noted Swedish genealogist suggests that it could be Dutch or Belgian
as well as German in origin. There are many who argue just as fervently that it is English.

"Stille was a family that came into Sweden from one of these areas in the early 1600's to work with the budding iron industry in Sweden...An Erich Stille was found at the Porsmark Iron Works in 1622. Forsmark was and is located some tens of miles north of Penningby (Sweden)", Johansson states.

Stille seems to be a common European name, as friends of the author have found the name in Sweden and Germany, and the author found the name in London and Amsterdam this year.

An additional source suggests several additional possibilities. An article appearing in the Baton Rouge, La., Sunday Advocate, April 8, 1971. p. 6-F, suggests the name is English.

"This name can have two origins and it is now impossible to seperate them. The Old English word stille, "still, quiet", gave the nickname to the young man who was quiet and unassuming or it could have been given ironically to one who was a loud mouth show-off.

The other origin is from the Old English work stiel, still, 'place for catching fish, or trap for wild animals'". states the article.

The article mentions several early day Stilles:

Aluunus Stilla was listed as an undertennant in the 1086 Hampshire Domesday Book and another Lefwinus Stille lived in County Susses in 1166...Richard le (the) Stille lived in Worcestershire in 1275. John atte Stille lived in Worcestershire in 1327 and another John atte Stille lived in Warwickshire in 1332. Reginald atte Style lived in Somersetshire in 1333. John Coille and Elizabeth Stille were married in St. Mary Aldermary Chuch, London, 1639. In Scotland, Henry Stylle de (of) Saulton made a donation to Dryburg Abbey around 1300. Alexander Still was burgess of Aberdeen in 1451 as was Andrew Stile in 1511 and James Still in 1591. Hew Stille lived in Douglas in 1674.

A strange coincidence has occurred in the spelling of the Stilley name, both in America and in Europe. If the original spelling (when the family first settled in America) was Stille, then it is unusual that the "y" was added. Many family names were changed because of illiteracy, or record keepers mispelled names.

Early records indicate the spelling as Stille, Stiley, Stilly, Stilley, Stillie, Steeley, and so forth. Yet the predominant spelling today is Stilley. It is a mystery how so many different branches of Stilleys could begin with the name of Stille and end up with Stilley. The Stilley families in Ohio, western Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Illinois, and Louisiana, which have not been joined together for more than 200 years, spell the name Stilley.

The following information is from various sources and although I presume the information is correct one should always check and verify.. Thank you, Dolores

Here is a little of my info.  Will gradually send it all to you.


My line of descendency

John Stilley's first appearance was in Somerset Co., MD, in 1736.  Stilley researchers are agreed that he descended from one of two brothers, either Axel or Olof Stille who arrived in Delaware on the Charitas, 7 November 1641, from Sweden.

I have traced my lineage directly back to and including:  1. John Stilley  b 1715 Maryland and his wife, Grace Fountain, daughter of  Stephen Fountain and granddaughter of a French Huguenot named, Nicholas da la Fountaine.  John and Grace are found living in Beaufort Co., North Carolina in the late 1700's.  Their children were Fountain, Ishmael, Nancy, Michael, Joshua, Levi, Hezechiah and Stephen.

2. Hezechiah Stilley b abt 1763 prob Maryland, d before 1840, IL, and his wife, Sarah Davis, along with his brother, Stephen and Hezechiah's son,  3. William Davis Stilley b 1785 prob North Carolina, d May 18, 1847, IL and his 2nd wife, Hannah Moore migrated from North Carolina to southern Illinois in the early 1800's.  They settled on land belonging to the Indians.  They built cabins, cleared farm land and built a grist mill.  They brought religion to the land, Stephen was a primitive Baptist preacher.  They filed with the Federal government to buy the land they had made improvements on. They mulitplied and settled all over southern Illinois.

John Ren Stilley, was one of the sons' born to William Davis Stilley and his second wife Hannah Moore.   4. John Ren Stilley b July 31, 1826 IL, d Aug. 1876 AR, married Nancy Graves in 1847.  They had several children, including in 1849/50, Alfred Cast.  The Stilleys' were religious, hard working, civic minded people.  Around 1870, John Ren and Nancy took the part of their family still living at home and moved to Missouri.  They worked on the railroad.  Rumor has it that they lived in the Springfield area for a time.  They followed the railroad into Arkansas and settled in Knoxville, Johnson Co., Arkansas.  The story goes that John Ren was roofing a house got too hot and died.  Nancy lived about 10 years longer and died.  They both are buried at Knoxville, Johnson Co., Arkansas.

In Knoxville, Arkansas  5. Alfred Cast Stilley  b June 18, 1849/50 in Illinois, d Jan. 20, 1935, OK, met and married Nancy Ann Pursley, daughter of James Gion Pursley and Hannah Longley, who along with her family had moved from Georgia after the Civil War.  Alfred Cast and Nancy Ann had three children who died and were buried in Knoxville, Walter Gion Ren, Amandah Elizabeth, and John A. Logan. Sometime after 1886, Alfred Cast and Nancy Ann took their three surviving children, Carrie Grant, Nancy Hannah and Julia Adeline and moved to Dexter, Cook  Co., Texas.  It was a thriving town and their was hopes that the railroad would come through Dexter.  The railroad was put through Gainesville, Texas instead and people begin to move from Dexter.

In January of 1890, Alfred Cast and Nancy Ann took their children, including a one month old baby boy, William Francis and moved by wagon to Mannsville, Oklahoma, Indian Territory.  Alfred Cast farmed for a living, having bought land from the Indians.  He was a Deacon in the Baptist Church and involved in civic affairs of the community.  Afred Cast and Nancy Ann had four more children, Daisy Ella, Pansy Pearl, Nan and my father, 6. Argus Cast Stilley b June 19, 1898, Mannsville, Oklahoma Indian Territory, d Sept. 18, 1963 OK, married Eva Pearl Sims, daughter of William Jasper Sims and Rosa Lee Allen.

Alfred Cast, Nancy Ann and my father Argus Cast along with a son of Argus Cast, 7. William (Bill) Franklin Stilley b June 4, 1938 OK, d Aug. 12, 1994 OK, are all buried in the cemetery, Mannsville, Johnston Co., Oklahoma.

Researched and compiled by:
Peggy Stilley Morgan
801 East County Rd. 125
Midland, TX  79706

Dolores, your line includes John and Grace Fountain Stilley and the info on Hezechiah.  The rest of the above is my line. 

Notes on John Stilley and his wife, Grace Fountain

John Stilley appears in Somerset Co., MD, in an unpatented certificate, dated 30, Sep 1736, for a 50 acre tract of land known as Constantinople, lying on the north side of the Nanticoke River.  He next appears as grantee of a chattel deed dated 4 Mar 1742 (Liber I (X), Vols. 56 and 57), when Mary (Floyd) Stilley, of Stepney Parish (Nanticoke and Wiccocomocoe Hundreds), assigned all of her possessions to him.  Apparently, this was from his mother in exchange for a promise of lifetime care. John and Grace "his wife" both signed to sell Somerset Co., Md, land called Callaway's Delight and Stilley's Cost in 1772, and Beaufort Co., Nc, land in 1799.  This information came to me courtesy of Van A. Stilley, Wilmington, NC, a descendant of John Stilley and Grace Fountain through their son Stephen Stilley.

"NC, Carteret Co - Register of Deeds," Book HI, pg 8.  Deed of property from John Callaway to John Stilley, Newbern, NC, Sept 10, 1773.

"1st census of United States - 1790." John Stilley

NC Taxpayers " Beaufort, NC, 1786  R186N V2. John Stilley

"Colony of North Carolina, 1765 - 1775.  Abstracts of Land Patents Vol Two", by Margaret Hofmann. 4992 pg 240 William Harper 21 July 1774 400 acres in Carteret on the N.E. side of the head of White Oak river on both sides of Great Branch, joining John Stilley, Land lately owned by Callaway, and the pocoson.  

8943 pg 179 John Stilley 28 Feb 1775 100 arcres in Carteret on the head of White Oak River, joining Stilleys own corner, William Harper, and William's (?) line.

North Carolina
To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come, I John Callaway of Carteret County, in the Province aforesaid planter send greeting.  Know ye that I the said John Calaway for and in consideration of the sum of fifty pounds, proclamation money to me in hand paid before the ensealing & delivery hereof by John Stilley of Onslow County and Province aforesd. staymaker, the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge and my self therewith fully satisfied & contented and thereof & of every part and parcel thereof do acquit exonerated & discharge the sd. John Stilley his heirs executors forever, by these presents have given granted, bargained, sold, alien, conveyd. & confirmed and by these presents do fully freely & absolutely give grant bargain sell convey & confirm unto him the sd. John Stilley his heirs & assigns forever, a tract or parcell of land situate, lying & being in Carteret County & Province aforesd. on the No. Et. Side of White Oak River swamp on both sides of Great branch, beginning at a pine, the south side of Great branch opposite the end of Gumb pond, thence running So. 41 Wt. 200 pole to a pine, thence south 49 Wt. 120 pole to the first which one hundred & fifty acres of land lying as aforesd. was granted to the said Jno. Calaway by his Excellency William Tryon Esqr. as by a patent being the twenty sixth of October one thousand seven hundred & sixty seven, together with all the profits comodities advantages whatsoever and reversions remainder and remainders of the sd. premises and of every part & parcell thereof and all the estate right & title claim property & demand & whatsoever of him the said John Calaway, of in & to the sd. tract & parcell thereof.  To have and to hold the said tract & parcell of land and all & singular the prebargained premises above mentioned, and every part and parcell thereof with the appurtenances unto the sd. John Stilley his heirs & assigns forever, the annuall quit rents only & allways excepted.  And the sd. Jno. Calway for himself & his heirs the sd. prebargained tract & parcell of land an all & singular the premises above sd. & every person & persons whatsoever claiming or to claim from by or under him, them or any of them, to the sd. John Stilley and his heirs and assigns, shall and will warrant and for ever defend by these presents.  In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand & seal this twenty first day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & seventy two.

John Callaway

Signed, sealed & delivered in the presence of us:
Joseph Stevens
John Bender
Newbern 10th September 1773.  The execution of the above deed was provided according to law by the oath of John Bender subscribing witness thereto.  Let it be registered.
M. Howard, C.T.
Registered by Joseph Bell Register.

  belonging to
  1785 - 1847

  Davis Stilley - born, 19 June 1785 - deceased, 18 May 1847.

  Lydia Stilley - (wife of Davis Stilley) born, 18 June 1786 - deceased, 23 January 1823.

  John Stilley - born, 5 May 1786.

  Stephen Stilley - born, 10 November 1790.

  Winfield Stilley - born, 17 June 1794.

  Jordan Stilley - born, September 1799.

  Sarah Stilley - born, September 1799.

  Hezekiah Stilley - born, 1 May 1802.
  Deney An Pritchard Stilley - born, 21 March 1811.  (Pritchard was her married name)


  Henry Stilley - born, 25 December 1806.

  Cinthy Stilley - born, 30 November 1808.

  Pennellopy Stilley - born, 8 July 1811.

  Linda Stilley - born, 8 April 1813.

  Timothy Stilley - born, 10 April 1817.

  William Stilley - born, 28 April 1819.

  Rebecca Stilley - born, 9 March 1821.

  Calvin Stilley - born, 12 February 1825.

  John Ren Stilley - born, 31 July 1826.

  John W. Stilley - born, 10 May 1830.

  Timothy Stilley - died, 17 December 1837.

  Hannah Moore - died, 15 December 1837.

  Ellexandria Davis - died, 13 December 1837.

  Bartlett Davis - died, 30 January 1838.

  Cinthy Cheek - died, 29 October 1838.

  William Cheek - died, December 1837.

  James Spring - died, 10 November 1842, husband of Rebecca.

  John J. Stilley - died, 10 March 1861, son of Henry L. Stilley.

  Davis Stilley - deceased this life, 11 May 1847.

  Henry Stilley - died, April 1853.

  Eliza Stilley - died, 2 July 1853, probably wife of Calvin Stilley.


Davis Stilley and Hannah Moore married, 13 May 1824.

William D. Stilley - married Nancy Swofford in the year of our Lord 1837.

Calvin R. Stilley - married Eliza Barnett, 24 July 1845.

John R. Stilley - married Nancy Graves, 1 January 1847.


Hannah Lousindy Stilley - born, 23 January 1856.

James R. Admes - born, 15 September 1853. (I have not determined what relation this person is to the Stilleys.  1860 census shows him living with John Ren Stilley family along with Adaline Adams, probably his mother.)

Emala Jane Pate - daughter of Francis L. Pate and Rebecca Pate, born, 19 December 1845.

Hannah Elvira Stilley - daughter of Calvin Stilley and Eliza Stilley, born, 7 May 1846.

Susan Elander Stilley - daughter of John R. Stilley and Nancy Stilley, born, 14 October 1847.

Alfred C. Stilley - born, 18 June 1849.

Mary Elender Pate - born, 6 November 1850.

James Munroe Pate - born, 18 February 1854.

Eliza Anne Stilley - born, 23 December 1851.

Nancy Stilley - wife of John R. Stilley, born, 14 July 1827.

Julia Isabell Pate - born, 14 June 1852.

Sinthy Jane Stilley - born, 22 February 1848.

Mary Angeline Stilley - born, 1 September 1850.

John Marshall Stilley - born, 15 November 1853.

The Bible these family records are taken from belonged to William Davis Stilley.  The greater part of these records are written with a quill probably in the hand of Davis Stilley.  A few names have been added in later years, by someone else, with a pen.  The writing is very faded, the paper deteriorated and the pages torn. Using a magnifying glass, I have tried to translate this with the greatest care possible, sometimes referring to other documents to verify accuracy.  Even so, there are possible discrepancies. This has been copied exactly as written, except headings have been added by me to determine relationships.

Peggy J. Stilley Morgan
801 East County Rd. 125
Midland, TX  79706


                              Third Generation
(3)Stephen Stilley (2)Hezekiah Stilley (1)John Stilley

Stephen Stilley - born 10 Nov, 1790 in Hyde Co., NC.  Died after 1850 in Williamson Co., IL.

Married Mar. 13, 1813 in Gallatin Co., IL to:
Patsy Gossett/Gosett - born abt 1793 in TN.


1.  James
(You descended from James) (Which James I'm not sure, because Hezekiah's father was one of Lewis Stilley's children

2.  Susan - born April 18, 1818 in Williamson Co., IL.  She married Johm L. Thompson, Sept. 17, 1846 in Williamson Co., IL.

3.  Diana - born July 7, 1821 in Williamson Co., IL.  She married William Winters, Mar. 14, 1844 in Williamson Co., IL.

4.  Wilson Davis - born Jan 20, 1823 in Williamson Co., IL.  Died Aug. 14, 1855 in Williamson Co., IL.
                                                                         Fourth Generation

(4)James Stilley  (3) Stephen Stilley (2)Hezekiah Stilley (1)John Stilley

James Stilley - born May 31, 1816, probably Williamson Co., IL.  Died Oct. 1, 1863.  in Williamson Co., IL.  (Killed by Ben Batts with a hoe.) (This James is not in my dirtect line.

He married Lucy Ann Odom, Mar 8, 1838, in Franklin Co., IL.

Children of James Stilley and Lucy Ann Odom:

1.  Hezekiah
(Can't be my Hezekiah)

2.  William - born abt 1840 in Williamson Co., IL.  Died abt 1863.  He married Frances Scronce.

3.  Moses

4. John William       **** Care must be given here: The James listed above is a different James than the James who married H Akin and may or may not be the one who was murdered.

5.  Stephen S.       
There are several James listed in same era, research being done. **********

My line of descendancy came from a Hezekiah whose father was John Lewis Stilley,and whose father is still an undertmined. James whose children are listed in the 1840 census in IL. There have been mistakes made and clarification will appear when discovery is made. I am sure my line comes originally from PA to IL and I would appreciate any information someone may have.......................

      Fifth Generation

(5)Hezekiah (4)James (3)Stephen (2)Hezekiah (1)John Stilley   ??????????

Here is the info I have on Sarah Davis' (wife of Hezekiah) parents.

William Davis

Wife:  Elizabeth


1.  Sarah Davis - married Hezekiah Stilley
2.  John Davis
3.  Jesse Davis
4.  Richard Davis
5.  William Davis
6.  Winiford Davis
7.  Rebecca Davis - married Unknown Rogers.
8.  Lydia

Notes on William Davis:

Will of William Davis

In the name of God Amen, I, William Davis of the County of Hyde in the state of North Carolina, being of sound and perfect mind and memory Blessed be God do this tenth day of April Anno Domini eighteen hundred and two, make and ordain this my Last will and testament in the manner and form following:  To wit, First, I give and bequeath to my son, John Davis the Plantation on which he now lives beginning at an Ellem on the river side running from thence across the ridge to the back swamp to him and his heirs forever.  Secondly, I give and bequeath to my son Jesse Davis the manner plantation with fifty acres out of a hundred of a new survey below the manner plantation the said manner plantation to him and his heirs forever reserving to my beloved wife, Elizabeth Davis the use of the said manner plantation during her natural life.  Thirdly, I give and bequeath to my son, Richard Davis one hundred acres of land I bought of James Wilkinson to him and his heirs forever.  I also, give him my blacksmiths tools with my gun.  Fourthly, I give and bequeath to Frederick Allen as a token of my friendship thirty five acres of land out of an hundred acres of a new survey below the manner plantation to him and his heirs forever.  I also, give and bequeath to my son, John Davis fifteen acres of land out of the same survey joining the great branch to him and his heirs forever.  I also, give to Frederick Allen, one, two year old heifer and her increase and I request my Executors after my death to deliver the said heifer and her increase if alive to the said Allen or his guardian for the use of said Allen.  I give to my daughter, Sarah Stilley five shillings current money of this state to be paid to her by my executors after my death out of my personal property -  Item, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Elizabeth Davis a negro girl named Jemima to her and her heirs forever, - Item, I give and bequeath to my son, John Davis my negro boy named Gabrel to him and his heirs forever.  I give and bequeath to my son, William Davis a negro boy named Joseph to him and his heirs forever.  I give and bequeath to my son, Richard Davis a negro boy named Moses to him and his heirs forever.  I give and bequeath to my daughter, Lydia Davis a negro girl named Kesiah, to her and her heirs forever.  I give my daugter, Winiford Winfield thirty pounds current money of this state to be paid to her as I shall hereafter mention.  I also give and bequeath to my daughter, Rebeca Rogers five shillings current money of this state to be paid to her by my Executors after my death out of my personal property.  I give and bequeath to my daughter Rebecah Rogers and three orphan children ten pound apiece current money of this state to be paid to them when they come of age as I shall hereafter mention.  Item, I lend my negro woman named Cate to my beloved wife during her life and afterwards I give her to my son Jesse Davis, I also give to my son Jesse my negro woman named Judith and my negro girl named Silard to him and his heirs forever, on condition that he shall pay to my daughter Winford Winfield thirty pound current money of this state and ten pounds apiece of my daughter Rebecah Rodgers three orphan children current money of this state as I have given unto them, I give to my four sons all my carpenters and farmers tools to be equally divided.  It is my will and pleasure that my beloved wife, Elizabeth Davis and my two sons, Jesse and Richard Davis and my daughter, Lydia should have all the remainder of my personal property that is not already given away to be equally divided amongst them.  And I hereby make and ordain my three beloved sons, John, William and Jesse Davis Executors of this my Last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and date above written.
The Above was submitted by Peggy Stilley - Morgan.............
The following information was sent: 2/12/05                                          by: Connie Schofield

1850 Census     Franklin County, IL
Jno Steely  age 38
E.N. Steely  age 32


LN       HN     FN       LAST NAME    FIRST NAME     AGE     SEX    RACE    OCCUP    REAL VAL

6 1260     1StilleyLewis               38         M        W        Farmer         500
7  1260     1StilleyMary A     22  F W
8  1260     1StilleyJames      20 M W        Laborer
9  1260     1StilleyJohn 16  M W
10 1260     1StilleyGeorge     14  M W
11 1260     1StilleyNancy12  F W
12 1260     1StilleyLouisa9   F W
13 1260     1Stilley       Hezekiah    7  M W
14 1260     1Stilley       Samuel      4          M W

NOTE: If this is right family, Lewis age should be 48, not 38

1870 Labete County, KS  Montana Township   page 38
George W  Stilley      age 23    Born in IL    Head Of Household    Farmer
????? Stilley             age 62    Born in IL    Farmer
John M Stilley            age 26    Born in IL    Farmer
Hezekiah Stilley         age 18    Born in IL
Samuel Stilley    age 14    Born in IL

Samuel was in Indian Territory in February 1875 according to 1890 whites with permits. He would have been 18 or 19;  
His brother-in-law John S Oakley came in 1876 and married one of the Shoe sisters. (Ammanda)
No trace of John Lewis Stilley

Above info provided by Connie Schofield of OK        
This may be wrong Family with a son named Lewis